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I first saw a picture of these Nigerian street performers and their use of Hyenas in the NC Museum of Art in Raleigh. They were taken back in 2005 by Pieter Hugo when he followed them as they performed. I never realized how big hyenas are.

From: Twenty-two Words


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Here are pictures of Syria from photographer Matthew Kovacs that he took 18 months ago, before the fighting started.  You can see more pictures he took in Syria here: Syria Photos

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A Pakistani girl sells roses on a street on Valentine’s Day in Lahore, Pakistan.


More Valentines pictures from around the world at Big Picture

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Lunar New Year

Former North Korean defectors living in South Korea release balloons carrying snacks in Ganghwa near the Demilitarized Zone dividing the two Koreas on January 20, 2012. About 100 kgs of Choco Pie, the thick wafer-like confection made in the South but also popular in the North and abroad, were launched by 20 large balloons across the border. (Yonhap/AFP/Getty Images)

More pictures of celebrations here:  http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2012/01/lunar_new_year_2012.html

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Here’s a cool video of an idea of what Jerusalem looked like in King David’s time.


Here’s a link to the blog I found it at with two other videos:  What did Jerusalem look like in Bible times?

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Yesterday I drove to Louisville Kentuck to visit one of my friends at Southern Seminary.   I’m still here.  Megan and I are saving money for me to get a seminary education and I know Southern would be an excellent choice.  We’re also considering  Golden Gate Seminary in San Francisco.  Southern takes pride in its stringent focus on academics and theology and I know I would be getting the best education possible.  Its a little overwhelming actually.  I know I would have to work my butt off.  Since being here I realized there’s a lot I didn’t know about the school.  Different programs, really great professors, quite a campus.  Also, maybe not most important but pretty darn, it would be easier for Megan to get a job in Kentucky than in California.  SO since being here its got me excited about school and how cool it is to have such good options to choose from.

I came the weekend of the Kentucky Derby and its pretty funny driving down the popular streets and seeing all the women dressed in bright springy dresses and huge outrageous hats for the races.  I’ve never seen so many females wearing hats.  Anyways, I’m going to try and leave early in the morning to be back in time to get ready for my mom’s birthday.

Oh, and Colonel Sanders’ funeral was in Southern’s seminary chapel.  He’s buried in Louisville.  There’s quite a few Kfc’s here.   Speaking of, look at this insane sandwhich (can u call it that?)  Kfc just came out with.  The Double Down.  Fried chicken patties as the bread substitute and bacon and cheese and something as the in between stuff.

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Memorial day plans

We are planning to use my days off work which have coincided very nicely with Memorial day for a trip to St. Louis to see the Cardinals and the sights.  Here’s a website we are using to plan the trip.  We were a little worried about the dogs and where they would stay.  Someone in our sunday school class mentioned a kennel in Gosnel that they used for their dog and was pretty cheap.  We’re going to try that.  The reason we get to go for 3 days is Megan is off of work on that Monday for Memorial day.  According to wikipedia, Memorial day originated out of an event in Charleston, SC.  Former slaves after the civil war gathered at a mass grave on an old race course to help dig up the bodies and bury them properly.  They built a fence and an entry way to the new graveyard.  About a year after that, some general made it an official holiday with a ceremony or something.

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