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I Hate Dreams

Excerpt from a short piece by Michael Chabon on why he hates dreams. There’s a link at the bottom where you can read the whole thing.

I hate dreams. Dreams are the Sea Monkeys of consciousness: in the back pages of sleep they promise us teeming submarine palaces but leave us, on waking, with a hermetic residue of freeze-dried dust. The wisdom of dreams is a fortune on paper that you can’t cash out, an oasis of shimmering water that turns, when you wake up, to a mouthful of sand. I hate them for their absurdities and deferrals, their endlessly broken promise to amount to something, by and by. I hate them for the way they ransack memory, jumbling treasure and trash. I hate them for their tedium, how they drag on, peter out, wander off.

Pretty much the only thing I hate more than my own dreams are yours. “I was flying over Lake Michigan in a pink Cessna,” you begin, “only it wasn’t really Lake Michigan…,” and I sink, cobwebbed, beneath a drifting dust of boredom.

Michael Chabon

I found this at Wesley Hill’s excellent blog, Writing in the Dust.


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Because I spelled Incorporate as Encorporate.

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I wrote out a reading schedule at the beginning of the year that had me coasting through three books, one of which is very large (Lord of the Rings trilogy), by the end of March.  Of course, I’m off track quite a bit.  Now I have three more that Megan got me and am wanting to start those soon.  I wonder how many books  I can handle reading at the same time.  This would probably be good practice for seminary.

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Reading-no excuses

I found an article on Cnn about how much President Bush had read in office.  It was comparing how much he read to where Obama was in his reading endeavors.  I was amazed.  Bush had read more books in one year than I have in the past 5!  The book it talked about Obama was reading was no small task either.  How do the leaders of our country find time to read so much and keep up with everything it takes to run our country?  I guess I should be asking why do I, having 3 days off in a row, refuse to buckle down and take time to read more?  This is the book I’m reading now: http://www.amazon.com/Story-Edgar-Sawtelle-Novel/dp/0061374229  So far, its really slow.  But hey, it was on Oprah’s book list for 2008.  Plus my wonderful Grandma gave it to me for Christmas last year, so I think it will end up good.

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