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Rediscovering my Grandparent’s old turntable still works.

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Here’s a pop song in Arabic I saw someone I’m vaguely friends with on facebook post.  I was able to find the english translation and I pasted it below.   My favorite line from the translation is “girls in bubbly moods.”

Source for translation: lyricmusicarabic.blogspot.com

Translation in English

MTM – My mom is away

Today is a day off
My mom is going off to a funeral
I brought her to the doorway
And a great idea hit me (Party)

I have numbers and have service
And today is Thursday (Thursday is the equivalent of Friday in the US because there is no work on Friday in Egypt)
I mean everything’s beautiful
Nothing left but to implement

I called all my friends right away
Not one of them was busy
All of them were just like
ٍSweet, good, awesome, cool

So just like that nothing left but one thing
Get all the furniture out of the house
In case anyone want to break it or flip it over

Putting a speaker in every corner
And putting my CDs in the tray
Everything ready in a twenty minutes
And I still got an hour left

I sat thinking and asking myself
Nothin left but for me to wait?
I went and grabbed the mic
And I just sat there singing


My mom is away and I’m having a party
I just hope she doesn’t come home all of a sudden
Or the neighbors tell her about us
Or the electricity short-circuits

I showed up at Taki’s at eight
I wore a Team Germany T-shirt
I found it and looked inside and next thing
The party filled up in a second

Solid music, all of it dance
Rap, house, rave and trance
And every moment the crowd is growing
While I’m standing at the door tripping over myself in disbelief

There’s some people goin around
Coming with guns
They were making me uncomfortable
So I went and came back with a key

And I wrote a note on the door
“Anyone drunk/stoned is forbidden entry”
If this sounds unreasonable
Nevermind I’m the one who’s responsible

I said I’ll go enjoy myself a little
I wanna dance with my friends all around me
Suddenly they threw the mic into my hands
And said to me “Sing a song”

Repeat Chorus

I’m really looking forward to this party
I took the car to go to it
But from all the people who came
I couldn’t find anywhere to park it

I went to park it on the street
And the scene outside was full of esprit
Lots of guys looking clean
Delicious girls in bubbly moods

This atmosphere was like another world
And the sky was raining songs
While I was dancing in my spot
I saw a pack of girls that I liked

I knew one of them
But I didn’t find her particularly charming
I said nevermind I’ll go catch her
In order to dance with her friends

And morning fell upon us
And everyone left from around us
We tidied up a little
And after we drummed and sang

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