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Christmas Movies

Here’s movies I/we are trying to watch this Christmas season.  Not necessarily Christmas movies.


A Christmas Story

Home Alone

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Christmas with the Kranks


Miracle on 34th street

Old recorded Christmas TV specials

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

It’s a Wonderful Life (color and black and white)

A Charlie Brown Christmas

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Lord of the Rings trilogy (extended editions)

Jason Bourne movies

The Santa Clause


Probably won’t get to all of them.


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Knight of the movies

Peter Jackson.  Great director.  Looking forward to him helping hammer out the hobit movies.  They’ll be two-part movies.  He’s not directing them but writing and producing them.  He definitely deserved this.

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We got Netflix now. Megan ordered the first one…A paper heart….I was working and didn’t get to watch it.  Its difficult to pick the movie u want to watch.  There’s a ton.  But it has all the seasons of the office!  The next movie coming is the golden compass.  I thought it looked cool when it came out but I never saw it for some reason.

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And the oscar goes to….

Best picture.  I looked at the nominees for that award over the past ten years.  I’d seen some of them and heard of most of them.  I began to think I was missing out on all of these great movies that I have never seen.  Megan and I are probably going to get Netflix soon.  I began looking up some of these movies on Netflix and found they would be available to watch.  I pictured a fun task: watch all the best picture nominees!  I then noticed two movies that were nominated in 2007 that I randomly checked out from the library and watched last summer: No country for Old Men and There Will be Blood.  If you’ve never seen those movies, they are really strange, interesting, almost funny, very violent movies.  I see how they could be nominated for best picture.  They were so unique and I dunno, just such incredible stories of violence.  I kind of liked them.

I’m interested in watching a lot of those best picture movies.  Compromise is what will happen if I watch ALL of them.  Those two I mentioned above were pushing the edge of what I can stand putting before my eyes.  There is a verse I memorized in the psalms a while back that says “I will set before my eyes no vile thing, the deeds of faithless men I hate, men of perverse heart will be far from me, I will have nothing to do with evil.”  I used to be so very cautious about what movies I watched.  I was kinda legalistic about it.  However,  I knew exactly what type of movie was going to be a struggle of sin for me.  I’m not as cautious as I used to be.  I’ve seen really godly people that I respect and listen to watch all sorts of movies without a second thought.  That’s influenced me quite a bit.  I would compromise on my beliefs and sin if I watched the majority of these movies.  We’ll see.  As cheesy as it sounds, before I watch most movies now I go online to find out all the horrid little things about it, and then make a decision on it.

Anyways here’s a music video of a song I liked in high school. I found it when I was movie searching earlier.  I think it fits the subject  Enjoy yo.

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