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I like this hobby.


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Theses are pictures of the Smoked Cajun Turkey with Bacon I made for my brother and sister’s visit this week.


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Delicious work from my wife.

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Can’t beat this fried up and served with mashed potatoes and biscuits. Drenchin ’em in Worcestershire sauce is best.

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I said this in a previous post:

“Blytheville lies along the Mississippi river with other small towns where there’s not much more than poverty and food”

I am sorry I said that.  There are great people that live in Mississippi county and there are a lot of good opportunities here too.  It has problems just like any other area but they don’t define it.

Here is a BBQ joint in Osceola, AR.  “Bowles Bar-B-Q”   I never would have noticed it if someone hadn’t pointed it out to me.  It was ok, I have had better Bar-B-Q for sure.  The best things about it are the CD jukebox with all the wonderful 90’s hits and the 21+ smoking atmosphere.  I haven’t been in a restaurant in Arkansas that allows smoking for quite a while.

Here’s the address:  512 W. Keiser Avenue Osceola, AR

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Local Food

I live in Blytheville Arkansas.  My wife and I got jobs here after school.  Blytheville lies along the Mississippi river with other small towns where there’s not much more than poverty and food, quite a bit of food.  Lots of homegrown eateries abound in and around Blytheville.  From barbeque to junk food, I’ve consumed a lot.  Here is a donut shop that is just a couple of blocks from our house:  Jeri-Lin’s Donuts.





The couple that own and run it are pretty interesting.  They have been at it for a looong time.  The husband was Santa in the Christmas parade last week.  Real beard!

They make some really tasty cinnamon donuts; but my favorite is caramel, pictured above.  One funny thing about them is that when they have customers in line and the phone rings, they answer it and say “you’re number _ in line, wait until it’s your turn” and then put the phone down without letting the caller get a word in edgewise.

Come back for more local eating spots!

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