Hyena Handlers

I saw these in the NC Museum of Art in Raleigh. They were taken in 2005 by Pieter Hugo. I never realized how big hyenas are.

From: Twenty-two Words


One thought on “Hyena Handlers

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    This is very intresting ….clearly this are hyenas that are domesticated as im pretty sure their wild side still lingers daily.My first incounter with hyenas was as a child in a place where i grew up in Africa ; in the suberb of the capital city of Ethiopia (Gulelae). Hayenan although they are wild, they were part of well established middle class neighbourhood in my neck of the woods back in the days i have lived in Addis Abeba. They were common( part of suberb ecosystem), as it’ll be common to have seen a fox, python or a bear depending on what type of environment you luve in. Actually, we use to have a dog that would escape the gated house and during sun rise (thats when the heyenas were most active at list in my neighborhood) and fight and return jome with scrates and bleeding nose. I remember there howles and human like laughes that was very creepy. I belive with all the infrustructure going on with highway renovation as well as the capitals swelling population they no longer exist in my neighborhood ( its been 11 years since i hve lived there n the change is very rapid) but there is still a chance to catch the wild hyenas in another region if your ever in Ethiopia. I have seen wild hynea feeding showman in a region known as Harer. I never have imagined hyenas as mejestic animals, they are always depicted as the clamsy and overall anattractive character of the safarie (as depicted in the Lion king). However, showes how how much character and personality hyenas have as well as give us a sense of how cool hyenas could be. his hyenas look diffrent from those ive seen back in Harer,ethiopia region. Probably diffrent gene pool . Over all this is a very remarkable phenomena man and beast showcasing interaction in a peaceful manner.

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